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Beginners Guide to Buying a Towable Tube Tow Rope, Ringo Rope, Ski Toy Rope, Tips, Advice

Beginners Guide to Buying a Towable Tube Tow Rope

Using the wrong type of rope with your Towable Tube can cause serious injury so please read this article carefully.

Towable Tube Ropes are designed to take heavy stresses as the line repeatedly gets loaded and then goes slack again. They are also designed to pull the combined weight of multiple riders at high speeds, which puts a huge amount of strain on the rope. The characteristics and tensile strength of a Tubing Tow Rope are therefore highly specialised and the type of rope you can buy by the metre in DIY and hardware stores is not the same thing.

Towable Tube Ropes are typically 50-60 feet long, which gives the perfect amount of momentum when towing the speed freaks in the family. However, we recommend that younger riders and the less confident should be towed at a much slower speeds in order to prevent them from gaining excessive momentum as they pass across the boat's wake. Being "out on the whip" and skimming the water is great fun for adrenaline junkies but can be terrifying for other people. Tube speed (and rider enjoyment) is all down to the driver and so always keep things at an appropriate level - 20 knots maximum for adults, 10 knots maximum for the youngsters and the less confident.

The most important factor when buying a Towable Tube Rope is knowing its rating. This is based on its "break strength" (a mathematical minefield) so to simplify things all manufacturers clearly state what the rating of their individual ropes are by the number of riders. Choosing a rope with too low a break strength could cause it to suddenly snap under load and recoil back into the boat at high speed (not pleasant). The table below will help you decide which rope you need.

Recommended Tow Ropes
1 Rider Towables
Rated for 1-2 Riders
2 Rider Towables
Rated for 1-2 Riders
3 Rider Towables
Rated for 3-4 Riders
4 Rider Towables
Rated for 3-4 Riders

If you have a RIB or your boat has an outboard motor and twin D-Rings then you will need a Tow Bridle or a Towing Harness. Tow Bridles simply connect to the two D-Ring tow points on the stern of your boat and form a "Y" shape from which the tow rope is then attached. Most tow harnesses have an integral float to prevent them from sinking and coming in contact with the boat's prop. Some also have a pulley to spread the load evenly between the two D-Rings. See our full range of Tow Bridles & Hanesses here.

If you have recently purchased a Towable Tube for the first time then please read our Towable Tube Inflation Guide which will give you some invaluable hints and tips on how to remain safe and prolong the life of your tube. Also consider getting a Ski Mirror so that you can always see what's going on behind you.

We hope you found this article useful but if you have a question that is not covered here or you just need some advice then please do get in touch and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you.


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